We are writers, friends, and followers of Jesus.

We met at a Vacation Bible School when we were about five years old, but didn’t become friends until much later. Mostly because Josh was so annoying, R.F. could barely tolerate being around him. But then R.F. realized he was being just as cruel as Josh was annoying and decided to stop. That happened around our junior year of high school and we’ve been friends ever since. You can read more about that story on this blog post that Josh wrote.

Now, we’re both on the same career path – writing. R.F. writes speculative fiction, mostly fantasy and alternate history, and Josh is a freelance editor, novelist, and publisher.

On the Wrambling Writers podcast, we give writing tips, share indie book reviews, and discuss religion, politics, and other impolite things. You can find the show on iTunes or listen right here online.

You can learn more about R.F. Dunham here and more about Josh here.