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Episode 7 – Alternate History and Good Antagonists

Better late than never, right? At least we’re not too late. And we have good reasons. Sort of.

Anyway, our latest episode has a review of Hellfire by Jeff Provine, as well as a discussion about character development and how to choose a good antagonist. R.F. also shares his recent discovery of Patreon (you can see his newly launched page here).

You can read R.F.’s review here.


Episode 6 – Dystopias, Literacy, and Kaepernicking

Today’s episode is a fine example of why we call ourselves the Wrambling Writers because it runs all over the place! We review Carolyn O’Neal’s dystopian eco-thriller Kingsley, share some writing tips about using flashbacks effectively, discuss the nuances of literacy, and weigh in on the Kaepernick controversy.

You can read R.F.’s review of Kingsley here.


Episode 5 – Interview with Liberty Speidel

If you’ve been following the podcast,  you already know who Liberty Speidel is. If you haven’t, she’s the author of The Darby Shaw Chronicles, the superhuman detective stories we’ve been reviewing for our last three episodes. On today’s show, you get to learn a lot more about her and little bit about what’s coming for Darby Shaw! In true wrambling fashion, our conversation included everything from Donald Trump to Star Wars.

We also discussed R.B.N. Bookmark’s A Minger’s Tale: Beginnings. You can read R.F.’s full written review of the book on his website.

Episode 4 – Whistle While You Work

Sorry we’re just a couple of days late getting this up! More scheduling conflicts…

Today we finished our reviews of The Darby Shaw Chronicles and talked about our favorite music to listen to while working. We also ran down more rabbit trails than we have on any show so far!

Read R.F.’s review here.

Episode 3 – Top Authors and Free Speech

On today’s episode we talked about Liberty Speidel’s Retaliation, the second book in the Darby Shaw Chronicles, Josh went on a rant about free speech, and we shared our favorite authors/novels. We also discussed Josh’s accent and the random places it pops up.

We’ll be back next week (not two weeks) with Episode 4!

Episode 3 Delayed

If you’re here looking for the next episode of The Wrambling Writers podcast, I’m thrilled that you care enough to come looking! But I’m also sad to say that you’ll have to wait another week. I (R.F.) have had literally no spare time for the past two weeks and there’s no way we could get a show recorded. We don’t want to get behind schedule, though, so we’ll do Episode 3 in one week (August 10) and Episode 4 a week later.

As a consolation prize to hold you over until next week, you can go read my review of Retaliation, the second entry in Liberty Speidel’s The Darby Shaw Chronicles. See what I thought, go read it for yourself, then come back next week to hear Josh and me talk about it.

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Episode 2 – yWriter vs Scrivener

Today we had a debate about the merits of Scrivener vs yWriter, reviewed Liberty Speidel’s The Darby Shaw Chronicles: Emergence, and addressed the chaos of current events.

You can read R.F.’s full review of Emergence on his website.

Episode 1 – The Universal Story

Welcome to the very first podcast from the Wrambling Writers! Today we talked a little bit about the concept of writing a universal story, Todd Tavolazzi’s book Looking into the Sun, the evilness of Trump, and some of what we’re currently working on.


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